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Well if you are content writer then these tips will help you to improve or fix for what you are actually going for :
  • As we all know that without SEO your content is like null meanwhile disordered or having no ease to get it so for this problem you have to go for SEO TOOLS these tools will help you to achieve what you want for
  • in these 10 tips you will know how to effective and well versed SEO content (lets go for the 10 tips )

1. Write for your audience

  • So here we have a tip in this tip all you have to do is to just target your audience for whom you are writing mean to say that your content write content that public appeals

2. Make headings that should be effective

  • For suppose you have short paper or limited time to write aarticle then ? all you have to do is to just focus on your headings feel about that is it easy to understand or not if not then try for more until don’t quit once you get yeah it is easy to understand .

3. Use key words

  • Use similar key words or chose key words according to firm so that search engines of the google can easily get and through this your content or article will on the top once you follow its policy .

4.Keep it all under same roof

  • Your domain will not get any of credit if your are not having same content as mentioned in domain so for best ratings go go for that content that your domain allows for suppose we have domain of load articles then attack its factors .

5. Structure it

  • You have written every thing quite easy even you have followed all steps but if haven’t applied this step then every thing is like null mean to say you have write all in well versed way like heading, paragraph. these miner steps makes your content easy to understand .

6. Add images

  • Actually images are like visual story of your content for suppose client has read your full article but after that subject can’t get what you want to say then when he get to images he will get what you actually want to say it also help for your rating like a well versed article will go on top once it has searched .

7. Propel content with social media

  • Social media has a high power to bring high reach of your content while with the help of hashtags in description like : #socialmedia even if your blog having share button then it will get high reach being shared so if you are not using then i must suggest that go for it .

8. Accept google authorship policy

  • Here all you need is google+ account google actually tie content to certain author meanwhile you have posted some thing don’t forget to add author name and a image related to that so that it will be easy to get by audience .

9.Promote natural link building

  • Link building is main step towards ranking creating effective content make majority of sharing so for this you have have to add link building so that if any other user copy then you getalert and it can be easy to claim .

`10. Monitor your performance

  • like you have done effort for creating your content here you have to monitor that every thing going good or not check bounce rate , ratings , if you see your content is not getting any positive ratings then see what type of mistakes you have done at all so that your content is relevant .

So tha’ts all for SEO tools i hope this will help you achieve your goal

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