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How to set your purpose

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> > Do you know what is purpose or aim of life (NO) ok then no need to be worry about that so here we gonna let you know about your purpose mean to say that how to find your purpose in life .

So here we have 5 steps to have your purpose in your hand.


  • Reading plays main role while getting solution of your problem so here this will let you know that what is your actual specialty meanwhile by reading books, article in this process some where you will feel from inner side of you that yeah this is the point what i was actually looking for and on that point you will like get alternative of your AIM .

2.Heal for others

  • Setting goal of your life does not only depend on you it actually helps you to to be get your Aim once you feel other for suppose in your area there is no education concept while you also feel that yeah there should be a plat_from where poor should get education
  • where everyone should be a well educated and should aware educated environment but but nothing like there no teachers on that time a sound comes inner side of you that yeah dude your are that person that will bring change over here while making others educated and so many other example like this so also on that time you will get your goal too .

3. Listen

  • Listen for suppose your are listening a speech and there you listen some attractive lines also on that time you can get your moral
  • Or there is a problem in your area and you wanna get rid of it so through this process you can have your aim
  • for suppose education problem for its solution any one from society have to come up so why not you should come up while having this as your aim.

4.Join relevant community

  • This is main step that will take you towards your purpose for suppose you are forgetting you purpose then your community will take you to your purpose like studying but you are getting side of it so on that time your community will helps you do study
  • I have seen many people they forgot their purpose just because of company for suppose a girl who wear hijab but once she join any community where is no one is following his structure then she will also forgot here culture she will also dress up like others culture against culture .

5. Tell your story

  • This last step is main step of this process like you have got your purpose it will be effective if you tell others about your purpose like you a student and you have AIM in your mind is to be doctor but if you don’t tell this to your elders like your dad or any other then how will
  • For suppose your elders are no more then you can tell this your friends they will tell you that what are the disadvantages behind this and like you will option to think for it again that so far my decision was good or not if not then look at your alternatives .


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