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Article writing

artical writing
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Article writing format :

For suppose you are having some think in your mind and want to tell public about this then how will you do this
Just like you can tell poeple who are near by you but what if there is talk of world ?
There is a way that us to be called article throw which you will be able to allow people about this in a well wriiten , well explained way

There are stages of this that how to write efficient article

1 select your main topic

*In this step on how to write article first chose your topic avoid junk content like immoralble points try to add efficient and easy to explain points just like my name is samad not im by name samad

2 target your audience

In this step all you have to do this is that fell the content that you have writen do you like it ?
If no then fell what type of changes should be in it. What kind of barrier are not leting you get this get to know this and then go ahead with that changes.

3_ information source

Once you have selected your main topic go ahead for its information go for bulk quantity
Even there is no taste of information in it
Once you collected all the information then go for its best taste just like done in decission making process

4_ create a rough draft

of your topic as you have gathered idea information from research create a rough draft of it go outlining for best idea amoung for research that are easy to be described and then try it on a page see what kinds for gramartical mistakes you have done

5_edit your draft

See in last step you searched for mistakes & in this step all you have to do us to fix tgem just like mind you r grammar punctuations and anlytical factors use bullets so that audience can easlly get what you actually want to say

6_ proofread your content

try to write acticle that is so far good and even reader can fell it
Why do we reaptly sing few line. Of song we sing just becuase we fell same as it try to make your article like a drug

7_Add visuals &graphs

In last step of acticle writeing process is to add any image realted to that topic that viewer can easily get what you want. And yeah it also gives your reader break while sliding downward and reached on image

was the easy way to write an article

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